Tuesday, March 31

March 2020 - I think the loveliest time of the year Is the spring, I do, don't you? Course you do...

I have the joy and privilege of being able to get out on daily walks.

The blossom was so delicately beautiful today that I almost cried. Life is beautiful, and I am so thankful for it.

Sunday, March 29

March 2020 - Confined to Barracks

I didn't sleep well last night, and for the first time since 'lock down' began I felt a bit down this morning.

I was very grateful for the 'LiveStream' of Mass from Blackfriars in Oxford. In these troubled times, technology, which in recent years has seemed synonymous with folks being mean and unkind (or worse) to each other, has been a space full of love and support, which is just plain wonderful.

Friday, March 27

March 2020 - Reveries of a Solitary Walker

I found myself thinking of the 'Reveries of a Solitary Walker' by Rousseau today as I was out for my daily stroll. It's a beautiful collection of essays that he wrote as he tried to comes to terms with social isolation at the end of his life. I too have been finding an almost giddy pleasure in my solitary walks in the countryside

...remembering to wash my paws when I returned home!

Sunday, March 22

March 2020 - Fuchsias Galore!

I've found it hard to motivate myself to do anything in the garden. However, yesterday I opened up my 'green tent' and checked in on my fuchsias. Sadly, I lost all my geraniums, but most of the fuchsias made it.

One of the previous owners had concreted over the garden, and today I set the the nephew to work making me a couple of little beds.

They look a bit basic now, however, once the plants start growing, they'll be a nice dash of green I think.

It won't be long before Billy cat and I are fighting over the recliner.

Wednesday, April 3

Oxford - Holywell Cemetery

I made the most of the sunshine on Monday, and ate my lunch in Holywell Cemetery. It's a lovely haven of peace and birdsong. Some notable people are buried here, if that's your kind of thing.

It's been managed as an urban nature reserve since the early 1980s. Well worth spending time in.

Tuesday, March 26

West Oxfordshire - Spring is here!

The weather at the weekend was glorious, and I took the opportunity to re-pot my fuchsias which had been overwintering in my greenhouse (well green tent). I only lost one fuchsia and a begonia, which really isn't bad.

After all the hard work I had a recline in my recliner. It was hard to concentrate on my book, when I could look up at the pear blossom, and clear blue sky. The Junior Cat (Marshal Ney) had a lovely bask. Hurrah for a south facing garden!

Thursday, March 21

Oxford - University Parks

I took a slight detour on the way to work yesterday through the Oxford University Parks. Spring has sprung! The sticky buds are unfurling...

...I've no idea what there are, but they looked lovely.

It reminded me of the wonderful song by Tom Lehrer, Poisoning the Pigeons in the Park...

Spring is here, spring is here
Life is skittles and life is beer
I think the loveliest time of the year
Is the spring, I do, don't you? Course you do
But there's one thing that makes spring complete for me
And makes every Sunday a treat for me
All the world seems in tune on a spring afternoon
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park
Every Sunday you'll see my sweetheart and me
As we poison the pigeons in the park
When they see us coming
The birdies all try and hide
But they still go for peanuts
When coated with cyanide
The sun's shining bright
Everything seems all right
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park
We've gained notoriety
And caused much anxiety
In the Audobon Society
With our games
They call it impiety
And lack of propriety
And quite a variety of unpleasant names
But it's not against any religion
To want to dispose of a pigeon
So if Sunday you're free
Why don't you come with me
And we'll poison the pigeons in the park
And maybe we'll do in a squirrel or two
While we're poisoning pigeons in the park
We'll murder them amid laughter and merriment
Except for the few we take home to experiment
My pulse will be quickenin'
With each drop of strychnine
We feed to a pigeon
It just takes a smidgin
To poison a pigeon in the park