Thursday, May 11

Refined tulips

These tulips are less florid. Love the vertical tulips and horizontal fence.

Amazing tulips

I read a book about the history of tulips last year and decided to have some more in the garden. These were a present from my Mother. I love the colours and shapes they make. I can quite understand why the Dutch fell feverishly in love with them.

Monday, May 1

May Day - Eynsham Morris

I didn't like morris dancing before I came to Eynsham - but Eynsham Morris are different, they have a real spirit of danger and anarchy about them. They also sing beautifully. My friend Lorna has made a number of art works depticting them.

I'm really glad I managed to catch the movement of the scarves.

Jack's Magic (borlotti) Beans

I have never seen anything grow as fast as these beans. This pictures were taken at the same time on sucessive days.

Maisie in the garden

I think Maisie with her 'wild dog' colouring is pretty well camouflarged in the garden.

Billy Pictures

My Uncle John used to run a school photography competition with the rule 'no cat pictures'. Like most cat owners I am very sentimental about my two.

I am pleased that I managed to use the high speed setting on my camera to catch the exact instant of paw licking.

More Spring pictures

I tried to take some pictures of the garden as a whole - but as usual the close up shots were more sucessful.

The Cricket Season Begins

On the first day of the cricket season we found ourselves in ChristChurch Meadow. My eye was drawn the shapes this marvellous greenkeeper's equipment made.

Tuesday, April 11

Holly Latest

Here are some pics we took of Holly when we were up for Lin's birthday weekend.

First Cut

We finally had some sun - I though the sun looked really interesting shining through my shirt.