Sunday, February 18


Yesterday I went to see my Grandmother - Hanna Gertrude Holm-Peterson Bedford.

As I was thinking about hands, I decided to take a picture of hers. They used to fascinate me a child. So like mine and yet so different. The twist where they were broken and she reset them herself. I wonder how many hours I've spent holding those hands?

The pic of the day for me was this moss growing on a gravestone. The contrast between its green and the yellow and grey of the litchen is lovely.

Wednesday, February 14

Lorna's Hands

I love Lorna's hands. They are capable potter's hands and wanted to show this in the pose (and we drink a lot of coffee together). I wish I could paint these in oils, with lots of warm browns and oranges in deep, thick swirls.

The contrast with my little paw didn't quite work here, but I'm going to try again. Maybe a side-by-side pose?

Woodstock Museum

So...why do my long shot pictures never look as good as my close ups? I don't seem to be able to 'see' the shot so well. Is it becuase of my monocular vision?

And bricks are just lovely don't you think?

Thursday, February 8

Snow in Eynsham

I like the way Adam seems to be popping up out of a burrow. I caught just after he had lobbed a snowball my way!

The other photos are all part of an exploration of how the snow collects. I particulary like the railings. The coating of snow make me aware of the 'shape underneath'.

Postbox for Virginia

Maud and Harry

These guys just wouldn't stay still!

Sunday, February 4

Moorish Light

We've been spending time in Spain the last few years. I've been intrigued by the star shaped skylights in Moorish buildings. The beams/shatfs of light that come down from 'the outside' world have a very special quality.These were taken in the ruined baths in Ronda - but it's a shape you see all over.

Swallows in Moulins