Wednesday, March 28


After a good day at work - tonight I blow the world a kiss.

Lunch Time Walk

As part of the sypth-like Miss T campaign I have resolved to go out for a walk at lunch time. The thinking is that exercise = beer. Now you might think that walking around an industrial estate would be very dull. However, as well as having a charming companion (the lovely bron who is camera shy) - there was an awful lot to see.

I loved the colour clash of these red, yellow and orange berries.

The delicacy of these little chaps, and the shine on the leaves.

One of the highlights of Spring has to be stroking pussy willow.

And seeing the May blossom.

I can get away from the buildings for a bit.

My sister and I used to use teasels as doll's hairbrushes

This romantic little bridge leads back to the science park.

Look at these! Aren't they fantastic?

Too soon back to work. I can only assume that the door has been broken by employees eager to get in.

And back to my desk - covered in what a colleague calls 'Lucia shite'.

Tuesday, March 27


This is how I'm feeling tonight. It's as well to remember that it's nigh on impossible to put a genie back in a bottle.

Monday, March 26

Other People's Photos

I've just spent a bit of time catching up with Huw's web site - currently gnashing my teeth in envy.

I have to remind myself that he's been playing with photography for far longer than I have and has far better equipment.

The same is also true of another friend of mine Yu Leng - her pictures can be stunning.

I hardly ever see either of them nowadays, so it's great to have their work to give me some idea of what's been flickering past their retinas.

Saturday, March 24

Self Portrait Through Things - or Miss T Attempts to be Arty

So...I thought I'd take some pics of myself, but I was feeling very here are some pics which illustrate things about me instead. So here are my two ungrateful moggies in the sun.

I read a lot of books.

I used to go running and I really ought to get back into it.

I think all bathrooms need toys.

I have a soft spot for stripey socks.

I drink a LOT of tea - but I like a certain amount of ritual about it.

I write a LOT of letters using my writing slope, and I admit to being a bit of a stationary addict.

And cows just look better in hats.

PS if you want to see me through someone else's eyes check out Eynsham Gods.

Front Garden Pics

Not sure what this is - it's the flower of one of the trees in the front garden. Adam has ambitions to cut it down, but I think that would be a shame.

As promised, another magnolia picture. The wind, rain and snow don't seem to have harmed it thus far.

Friday, March 16

Old & New in the Garden

Here is the remains of the tree which came down in the gale. As it didn't come up by the root ball it must have been rotten inside. It's nice and splintery isn't it?

This is Adam's pic of the cats today which shows where the stump is (but not the smashed fence panel and miraculous escape of our neighbours' summer house!)

This shows that the stumps of the old laurel hedge are beginning to rot at last. I love the variegated colours, almost like rock formations.

It's magnolia time at last! It flowered for the first time last year, but only had two flowers. There are plenty this year - so I will blog endless shots no doubt as I *love* magnolias.

Tuesday, March 13

Sunny Day

Hurrah - Spring is here ans soon socks will be a distant memory! I like my feet despite my 'devil's toes'.

Sunday, March 11

Trip to see Bones

Finally got to catch up with Mortimer Bones this weekend. All I ever seem to read about is the boat being taken apart so it was good to see....

...the boat in one piece.

And room to walk about.

I love the look of this palette, there's been some serious painting going on here.

Thursday, March 8

Reportage - 29QS Today

I thought I'd go out in the garden and take some Spring shots...and found some tinsel! Time I did some gardening methinks.

I also thought I'd found an amazing pink flower. It was in fact the remains of a feather duster from my Ma.

The broccoli is doing OK though. Isn't this a marvellous shape?

And just so you can picture me, here is the garret (with coal driven PC).

View over QS.

View over the back garden.

Reportage - Tea with Lorna response to requests, here is the lovely Lorna. I like the shadow here.

Here is her capable hand with her fave mug.

These paints are going to turn into my portrait.

I'm not sure how long Lorna has had this teapot, but it's certainly seen life. Look at that light.

And here is me by Lorna, note the red hair 8-).

Saturday, March 3

Rose View

Off to Kent today to see my folks - as you can see everyone was on good form....

Ma liked her new specs.....

Rachel thought about being a teenager....

Izzie almost is a teenager.......

And Desmond is Desmond.

Nice to have a look round the place and find....the old gates....

A collection of round things (doesn't the turquoise sing).....

And some fine bantems.