Monday, April 23

Cézanne a Firenze

One thing I haven't mentioned is going to see the special Cézanne exhibition. In the end there wasn't a huge amount of Cézanne there but what there was, was very special.

It made a restful change from all the endless Madonnas - but I've always got time to go and see
Cézanne, especially his still life pieces.

I liked this one best. Apparently the first collector liked it so much he exchanged it for 4 other Cézanne paintings he owned.


SueC said...

O gosh I *love* that painting. I can understand why he swapped.

One of my favourite Cezanne's has to be this one: I love the rhythmn.

Miss T said...

Mmmm - that is lovely, I know what you mean abou rythmn.