Saturday, April 28

Report from the Earthquake Zone

It was my nephew Richard's 10th bithday party today, so we had a clan gathering down in Kent. This morning there was an earthquake in Ashford, where my brother lives, but we all slept through it.

My sister Hanna, was as usual the hostess with the mostess.

My bro, Jerry, was delighting my Ma with Australian sayings - for example, "she's so ugly she'd scare a hungry dog out of a butcher's shop"

Rachel (Jerry's little girl) ejoyed the cat from next door.

She was very interested in the guinea pigs.

Very, very interested.

And manged to get up close and personal.

I have to say I was rather keen on them myself. This magnificent little boar is 'Mashy'.

I just loved his delicate little paws.

Izzie, Richard's sister, has just taken up the flute. When she's had a few more lessons, perhaps she'll blow rather than suck 8-).

Now what was that report about not allowing children to have alcohol?

Clearly there's a link with violence.

A bit of mob justice will stop him becoming a delinquent!

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