Friday, April 27

Rose View - Unchanging

Some things don't change - including the narrow twisty lanes. I went rather too fast down one this afternoon. Slightly lost it on a corner, and nearly ended up under a Kent Hospice van. It would have been an ironic way to go, but I'm not ready yet!

Rose View from across the rape field.

The house (and Dad's BIG garage) from the field next door. And no I don't know what the machine in the foreground is.

The front room - I was born about where the sofa is (as was my brother). The bins and things on the chairs are to stop Desmond the demon dog from lying on them.

Dad's study - have to admit I'm perplexed by the guitar as he doesn't play. I can only assume he consficated it at some point.

Dad in his green house trying to foist plants on me.

Sadly Virginia - this has changed. The post box on the corner (where I sent off my postal order to the Dennis the Menace fan club, and letters to Gertie) is no longer in use. I guess I'm not there to keep it going any more 8-).

This is the pond where we once found some glorious flame bellied newts. Inside their jam jar they looked like tiny dragons.
The footpath through the village. This used to follow a hedgerow, before the fields became great praries. The smell of the rape is amazingly beautiful as you walk.

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