Wednesday, August 29

Jewel Box

As you can see, my intractable jewellery addiction made the dressing table rather a messy place.
I bought this lovely antique sewing box on E-Bay. I love its 1930s look, as it seems to fit with 29 QS.

It opens out to give plenty of space.

And the bobbin holders are just perfect for rings.

It's already jammed FULL though!

Rendezvous with Maffi

On Saturday, The Boy, Fr Rattue, Dr Bones and I ambled (via a very nice pub lunch) down to Devizes Wharf, so that Dr Bones could meet up with Maffi.

It was a lovely, sunny day and while we waited for Maffi to hove into view, we had an ice-cream.

What a shame we chose to sit next to the pump out station!

I was distracted by these beautiful reflections.

Here they are in situ.

We had a wander and found this nice gate...

...and these allotments.

But wait? Who's this?

It's Maffi! See that black bag? It's got a dead heron in it...don't ask...

He needs a haircut don't you think?

Thank you for the tea Maffi. Goodbye to you and the doll. Is she waving goodbye or is that a fascist salute?

Tuesday, August 28

Ladders, Photos and Tigers

The ladder to the techno-garret was mended on Friday, only to go sproing again on Sunday. Mortifyingly, probably because I'm too heavy for it.

This means that I can't upload my photos. That's not too much of a disaster, as I really don't seem to have my photography 'mojo' at the moment. I think I've spent too much time looking at the work of people I admire and comparing myself, rather than just relaxing back and enjoying myself.

My pal Dr Bones has been calling me 'Tiger' recently. I find this rather funny as I HATE tigers. I think they are MEAN. The Boy tells me that this is illogical as I like i) lions and ii) dote on domestic moggies (which are scaled down tigers). Bones must see the man eater within or something!

Wednesday, August 22

Birthday Girl!

I was too busy dashing around and generally being familial to take many photos at Gertie's party. But here is one of the few - the Birthday Girl enjoying Sue's fuchsia picture.

Gertie's younger brother, Erik, was a artist (as well as an eye surgeon) and she has a number of his paintings at home. She was really pleased to have something 'painted for her' once more. Many, many thanks Sue!

Monday, August 20

Lucy Through the Looking Glass

Alice and the Red Queen running hand in hand (Illustration to Chapter 2 of Through the Looking-Glass) by John Tenniel. Wood-engraving by the Dalziels.

...they were running hand in hand, and the Queen went so fast that it was all she could do to keep up with her...The most curious part of the thing was, that the trees and the other things around them never seemed to changed their places at all...

Aaagh - the ladder the techno-garret is broken, which means that I can't get to the home PC, which makes it a pain in the backside to upload my pics. However, panic not as life has rather been geting in the way of photography (or art, beer, reading or any other usual activity).in the last week or so:
  • The Boy and I have been up to Huddersfield for Holly's 5th birthday
  • The Boy has been to Iceland (returning with a cuddly puffin, a lump of lava, some rather nice glass coasters, postcards and ears full of black volcanic sand)
  • I've stayed with my friend Nick, who's daughter Hattie, has doubled in size, grown teeth and started walking since I last saw her
  • Gertie's 99th birthday has meant that we've had a house full of relatives (with overspill in a B&B) from Thursday onwards

I'm glad to say that the party went really well. Gertie couldn't participate much but all her UK family was there (and she loved Sue's picture).

All very jolly, but absolutely exhausting. The house looks like a bomb's hit it and we've a pile of ironing the size of a Shetland pony, or should that be Icelandic horse? I still haven't had a chance to just sit down and get familiar with the D80 controls. To cap it all we're coming up to year end at work, so I'm up to my elbows in spreadsheets and stats (and I can make an Excel spreadsheet move into a different dimension - and not in a good way).

So, I'm sorry if I owe you a letter, phone call, text, email or haven't posed for you. It'll happen

Monday, August 13

Hey Mr Trampoline Man!

It was The Boy's niece, Holly's 5th birthday on Saturday. Thus he found himself putting a trampoline up for her, while she was partying elsewhere.

As you can see it was rather complicated.

Although, my f-in-law, Peter did lend a hand.

Progress wasn't fast enough for the Party Princess - note megaphone.
The tall things had to go up....

...last minute adjustments had to be made (with the help of Thomas from next door).. last bouncing could take place.
Sadly I didn't catch the star jumps on film!

What was I doing dear reader? What I do best...

As did The Boy by the look of things...

Friday, August 10

Cooking with Elijah

Hmm - I seem to have been using my sexy D80 just as a snap camera, rather than doing lots of whizzy things. What the hell, I've given up guilt.

Here is Maisie enjoying the sunshine.

Last night we had a pile (what is the collective noun for vicars - prudence?) of vicars over. As you can see Fr Rattue, Fr McFarlane and Canon Canon Rev Dr Maltby clustered to one end - talking about sacraments (or was it the bridesmaid who fell out of her dress?).

Meanwhile Prof Moore and Dr Bones were also having a good chinwag. By the look of it not about infinity. I think Dr B just saw the size of the box of chocs that Adrian brought.

I hope everyone wanted their lamb well done....

Sunday, August 5

Hot, hot hot...

It's been hot here at last, so we've all been sleeping in the sun. I have to admit that I haven't been systematically working my way through my camera controls - but what the hell I'm having fun.
Adam was lucky enough to get some top class medical attention yesterday (what you can't see in the photo, is that Maddy's scrubs said "Animal Hospital").

The ungrateful brute self-medicated with beer.

I was on the Pimms. When A.'s parents went on their first date Lin ordered a Pimms. In the time it took the barman to make one, Peter drank his first pint and started a 2nd, which helped his nerves no end.

He keeps pinching MY camera and taking pictures of me! Still, at least you can see my nice new specs.

THAT painting again....

Adam had a play with my new long lense and took some pictures of THE painting...

It almost looks like he was by the seaside. I haven't warmed to it, but it is becoming part of the furniture.

Wednesday, August 1

Lost and Found

My colleague and friend Louise is the new editor of 'Hanney News' - a monthly print newsletter. while I was admiring her 'baby'. I found the following letter to the editor which I thought needed a wider audience:

After our Summer solstice celebrations at dawn 21st June, part of our Stonehenge replica was taken and put up on the Green in East Hanney. It was subsequently removed by persons unknown. If anyone saw activity during the night of the 21st June which may lead to tracting the perpetrators please contact me urgently.

The Chief Druid
email: hanney.druids@CENSORED

It's amazing what's going on in these quiet Oxfordshire villages. I was about to write where are the Eynsham druids, but that's the Morris Men of course!