Sunday, January 27

Travel Dreams

In March 2006, I fulfilled a dream and went to Venice. It seems a LONG time ago now. We haven't yet made any travel plans this year, although The Boy, has a great many business trips in his calendar.

Maybe it's the time of year, or the fact I'm rather out of sorts, but I long to jump on a 'plane, train or into the car and find myself elsewhere. Anyone want to run away with me?

That said travelling does have its down sides....

Saturday, January 26

The Sylph Like Miss T Campaign - Race for Life

OK - I've bitten the poet (private joke) and signed up for 'Race for Life'.

My race is going to be Saturday 7th June 2008. If you can please:
  • join in - find a race near you, or join me (if you're of a female persuasion)
  • come along to The University Parks in Oxford and cheer me on
  • sponsor me

Breast cancer has struck people very dear to me, so this race has a deep personal resonance for me. Plus, I hope it'll force me out exercising again.

Pictures of me in lycra to follow.....

Friday, January 25

The Sylph Like Miss T Campaign - Belly Dancing

Many thanks to Dr Bones for suggesting we learn how to belly dance. As well as helping us keep fit it could be the start of a whole new career!

We went for the first time last night, to a class run by the Oxford Middle Eastern Dance Society, and I now ache in places I didn't know I had!

SueC - can you lend me your jingly scarf (the one you 'borrowed')? I want to embrace this whole heartedly!

Thursday, January 24


I think I'm unhappy and want to change direction (but whither?) - others seem to think I'm unwell.

Apologies for worrying some of you with this post. I'm OK - just sleeping badly and finding work difficult. Thank you for the loving emails and texts, and the piggy chopping board :-)

Thursday, January 17

Onward and Upwards...

Maybe I'm becoming a middle-aged radical, but I've decided to deactivate my FaceBook account. I read this an article about the co-funders and decided it wasn't a place I wanted to be. Whilst it's probably impossible to boycott the serivces of everyone one finds objectionable, I thought I'd take a stand on this one. And hey, isn't it all going to end like THIS anyway?

On a lighter note, whilst pottering around the Internet the other night, The Boy and I came across a fantastic photographer - well worth a look.

Otherwise, I am pondering my seed order, and hoping that our garden veg. crop will be a bit more prolific this year! I think I'm going to try and take a documentary series of the veg. patch - maybe on the same day/same time each week from now until Autumn. A veg. patch blog perhaps?

Tuesday, January 15

Never work with children or animals!!!

The little, black beast (Billy Lawrence - he's NOT a Traves) has started overgrooming again. His legs are beginning to look like a plucked chicken! Cue another expensive visit to the vets, pills etc. Thank heavens we don't have to pay school fees for him!

Marcella - Nicht bekommen, eine Katze! Sie k├Ânnen niedlich aussehen, aber sie sind Probleme!

Wednesday, January 9

Elfin Grot

One of my most unexpected presents this year was a set of spa lights. As you can see they are very atmospheric.

[Every since I read 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci', I've always wondered what an Elfin Grot looked like. It has to be something like this surely?]

Rudolph's End

With Christmas over the novelty chocolate's time is UP (Fr James gave him the last rites)!

Christmas at Traves-Lawrence Towers

Christmas chez nous is no different from anywhere else...there are kisses...(BTW Peter, you're welcome to come and paint the dining room, any time you like)...

...plenty of food...


But it all takes its toll (my bro has a lovely profile doesn't he?)...

...especially when it's your THIRD birthday as well!!!

End result - chaos!

Tuesday, January 8

Altar Piece - Holiday Memories

I was moving some data round this morning, and found my Cyprus photos on my memory stick. I'm not sure why I didn't blog this lovely altar piece.

We're still having problems with the loft ladder (6 months and counting), which means I have no access to the home PC, and have to grapple The Boy to blog from his laptop (he's working all hours ce moment) - so it's probably going to be sometime before you're treated to my Christmas and New Year masterpieces :-)

Saturday, January 5

Anonymous Benefactor

A very kind person has sent me a DVD as a present - 'Arsenic and Old Lace', with Cary Grant.

It was sent from Amazon, and the name and contact details of the 'donor' had been removed from the delivery note (there wasn't a price either, rather like a old fashioned 'Lady's Menu').

If it was you, thank you very much. There are a few peeps I think it might be from, but I don't want to thank them, for fear it wasn't them, and they'll think I'm hinting that they didn't give me a Christmas present this year, and I think they SHOULD have (deep breath). What is a girl to do?

I'm a bit of a Cary Grant junkie at the moment, so the filum is much appreciated.