Thursday, January 17

Onward and Upwards...

Maybe I'm becoming a middle-aged radical, but I've decided to deactivate my FaceBook account. I read this an article about the co-funders and decided it wasn't a place I wanted to be. Whilst it's probably impossible to boycott the serivces of everyone one finds objectionable, I thought I'd take a stand on this one. And hey, isn't it all going to end like THIS anyway?

On a lighter note, whilst pottering around the Internet the other night, The Boy and I came across a fantastic photographer - well worth a look.

Otherwise, I am pondering my seed order, and hoping that our garden veg. crop will be a bit more prolific this year! I think I'm going to try and take a documentary series of the veg. patch - maybe on the same day/same time each week from now until Autumn. A veg. patch blog perhaps?

1 comment:

SueC said...

That article is horryfying reading. Thankfully I use FB mainly to play battleships with my friends.

(How sad am I??)