Thursday, February 28

La Luna

I took this in the afternoon, when I was out on a canal cruise to Enslow (see blog passim). After a little techical jiggery-pokery, it looks rather good.

I've fiddle with the contrast, slammed it into back & white and added a slight tint.
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Wednesday, February 27

A Field of Clocks

I realise that it must seem strange to post an Autumn picture in the Spring. However, I've finally found an editing tool that doesn't cause me to spit blood and I've been playing....a lot...too much..
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Tuesday, February 26

L'atelier de John Whitehall

John used to be a BBC slave, working as a sound engineer on a myriad of programmes. He's now a self-employed slave, with a sound studio on the barge.

It's wonderfully well insulated. There is almost no echo at all.

Just lots...and...

...lots of electronic wizardry.

[Atelier is a French word literally translated as "workshop". In English, it is used to refer to an artist's working studio, typically a fashion studio for Haute couture.]

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Lunch with Courtney

Lorna and Courtney came by for Sunday lunch. As you can see, Courtney still loves cow kind!

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Cooking with Sue

On Friday, I had a 'cook in' with Sue.

We cooked some MEAT too! Sue is looking jolly as we were singing along to Aretha Franklin.

"And I had to use THIS much cable..."

Mr Dudley has a lovely profile...
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The View from Alpha-Wilja

My friends Sue and John moor their barge down at Eynsham boatyard (their cottage is just a few doors down in Queen Street) - this is their view!

This barge is the good ship Resolute.

The other view from the barge - boatyard to the right...
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Thursday, February 21

I had my liver scan today. The good news is that there's nothing abnormal about my liver. It has some fatty deposits, which isn't unusual, but then the rest of me has fatty deposits, so why not my liver?

So, who knows what's up with me. I've been signed off for another month, and as I'm already seriously stir-crazy, I don't think I'm going to be very good company.

[I took this picture in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year]

Tuesday, February 19

Boat Art

One of the things I enjoy about hanging out with 'dirty bargees' - is seeing how people decorate their boats. Here are some I saw on my trip to Enslow and back earlier this week...

A mermaid...
A hound...
And a lovely working boat that belongs to Mark Paris. It's a great floating advertisment for his work - lovely paint job :-).
Plus, I adore the conceit that 'Helene of Troy' belongs to Paris.

Monday, February 18


Can you see me?

I love Cruising....

As my more dedicated readers know, I have been confined to quarters with a tedious liver compalint. When Maffi asked me if I'd care to accompany him out for a cruise I nearly bit his hand off in my eagerness. In the event, Dr Bones came along as chaperone.

I have fairly major PC problems ce moment, so this is strictly the edited highlights....

As you can see, it was very misty when we set off from Thrupp.

Check out that fig tree..covert...covert..covert...


A bridge over the river Cherwell (I say Charwell, you say Churwell, let's call the whole thing off...)

Now Maffi and I will never agree politically, but he has two cardinal virtues, i) he can whistle in tune ii) he doesn't talk all the time.

Enslow dishes...mist now gone...

Look a boat polytunnel...

Enslow Turn...

Lovely canal architecture - this lock just fits one boat. It's a wonderful contruction with lovely, green weedy walls.

A duck in its own whirlpool...

Tuesday, February 12

Happy Birthday - Susie Sioux!

It's SueC's bithday today - so here is my portrait of her :-)

Although, I've known her for sometime, it's only been in the last year or so that we've become buddies. She's a fantastic person, who happens to be beautiful and talented to boot (it's enough to make you spit!).

Thank you for your friendship Sue - it's really enriched my life, love you lots xxxxx.

Still Crazy....(after all these years...)

Adam's Grandma has fallen and broken a hip - RUNNING AFTER AN ICE-CREAM VAN!

Poor Betty, she had to wait two hours for an ambulance. But I hope that I have her lust for life when/if I'm in my 80s!

Sunday, February 10

Portraits from (Eynsham) Carnival Past

Eynsham carnival is a very special day.

Although it can be a bit much when you're small...

...someone always enjoyed herself though (love you Gwen).

Yet Another Cat Picture...

This is 'Kitty' - who used to hang out in The Boy's parents' garden, along with her many litters of kittens.

This was one of their favourite spots - intrepid or what?

Furry Recycling

I don't think the council would take these two!

[Yes Dordie - it's yet another cat picture. But it proves that Billy used to have fur!]

Thursday, February 7

The Art of Spain

I'm currently watching a TV programme about Spanish art. Now there are EVEN MORE places I want to visit and art I long to wonder at !

Wednesday, February 6

Health Update

Hmm...I feel like I've spent the last few weeks in either the doctor's, dentist's or vet's (the latter being on Billy's behalf not mine). The upshot is:

  • I may have a problem with my liver (hence feeling exhausted) and have had to have even more blood tests
  • I narrowly escaped root canal work
  • Billy is a bugger, and as he now refuses to eat medicine laced food, has had to have expensive injections

I won't be back at work until they have some idea what's up, and I'm going stir-crazy, but I'm too tired to do anything except work my way through my DVD collection. Oy Vey!

Tuesday, February 5

Chim Chim Cher-Ee

One of the cottages opposite had their chimney relined the other day.

As you can see, it was rather a precarious enterprise. My Pa-in-law tells me, that if the house had had to be painted, then health and safety would have manadated scaffolding. Ho hum...

BTW - if my title has induced cravings for Dick van Dyke impersonsations, you can find the full lyrics here:
An analysis of the song in popular culture here:

The Point just past Bloom

I loved these Spring flowers so much, I was reluctent to throw them out. Even past their best they're beautiful.

Saturday, February 2

Beleted (Eynsham) Beer Festival Pics

Hurrah - thanks to the lovely Ben Malpus, I now have safe access to the 29QS techo-garret once more. This means I have access to the PC and can blog my beer festival pics from the summer.

It's been a really good experience, as it's reminded me what a lovely day it was. And it wasn't just about BEER...

...we watched a bit of cricket...

...played chess...

...played jenga...
...hung out with the urchins...(this my friend Laura's husband Pete, and their daughter Willow. I LOVE her chubby little arms and tomboy ways)

And best of all, hung out with our friends - I love you Gwen.