Saturday, May 31

Friday, May 30

Billy at Borders

Stopped off in Borders for a coffee with La Marrison (or in my case a chai tea latte - the foam, the foam) - and bumped into this little chap/goat.

I thought at first he was wearing a horned hat, but the horns are his own - they just poke through his knitted hat. I liked his 'comprehensively loved' look.

Interesting Face at the Bod.

I went to a rather fun exhibition at the Bodleian yesterday - showcasing various treasures from college libraries (my fave.? Waynflete's boots - red velvet and very cosy looking).

On my way out, I noticed this chap - early 1900s I'd guess. I wonder who he was?

Turl Street Postbox - for Virginia

I have posted many letters in this little box - just round the corner from the Covered Market.

Wednesday, May 28

Click here to visit the Scottish Wildcat Association

Intriguing Notice

Currently in Eynsham Post Office window, is a card offering tarot readings and self-defence classes.

I found this an interesting combination - is the self-defence to help you deal with what the cards foretell?

A Good Walk Spoiled?

This weekend The Boy and I were down in leafy Surrey. After a delightful evening with The Weeping Cross (TWC?) we headed over to Wentworth.

The Boy had a couple of guest tickets to the PGA Golf Championships, and was keen to have a look at the course. My initial plan had been to inhabit TWC's sofa with a good book or three, but Reader I accompanied him. Despite a waterlogged course, and horrid bitey insects I'm glad I did:
  1. I had a nice walk - the course was built in the 1920s and so there are lots of mature trees etc. It was a bit like Bedgebury Pinetum in places.
  2. The people watching - all types, all ages. I especially enjoyed a family of ladies all clad in the same pale, lime green and two Sikh chaps with their pinstriped trousers tucked into their black business socks.
  3. It was lovely seeing The Boy so happy, striding around fulminating about golf course design.
[PS - the Mark Twain quote I'm alluding to in this post title can only be really understood if you know i) he was a golfer ii) he'd just had a bad round when he made the quip!]

Friday, May 23

South Leigh Postbox - for Virginia

Virginia Price - you've well and truly infected me! I found myself thinking "Coo a VR" when I saw this!

We're all Doomed! A Visit to South Leigh Church

Why is it that we neglect the treasures on our doorstep? South Leigh is only three miles away and until this afternoon, I'd never been to the church.

This lovely Arts and Crafts inspired tower clock was installed in 1905.

This is the reason I visited - the amazing wall paintings. Now,before one gets too excited, one has to bear in mind that the paintings were HEAVILY restored in 1872 by Burlison and Grylls. But they can give you a fair idea of what churches looked like before those Puritan, iconoclast vandals got their hammers and whitewash on them!

Here is St Michael weighing souls with the Virgin interceding.

I was rather taken by these devils. Do you think the one that has the 'stick' in its mouth is playing fetch?

The Last Judgement - Doom - extends over the chancel arch onto the nave walls.

Painters always seem to have a more lively and colourful view of Hell than of the Celestial City. I guess they felt that they really had to hammer the point home.

Look at that red maw - that's where YOU'RE going if you scrump any more apples!

See - Heaven looks really dull doesn't it? And it looks like only red heads will get in!

These are lovely little birds...coming to a Victorian bathroom tile near you...

I ADORE Mary's little canopy.

I'm glad that St Clement has one too, or he'd be jealous I'm sure!

This is the only unrestored painting, of The Seven Deadly Sins. In this state I think it has an abstract beauty.

As well as the paintings, there is this rather nice altar.

And the pulpit where John Wesley preached his first sermon, in 1725 - I wonder what he'd have thought of the restored paintings?

The Puppies' First Walk to the Queen's Head

The Boat Yard pups had their jabs yesterday and celebrated by walking to the pub. As you can see it was rather tiring. Fern (the puppy previously known as 'no name') has elongated somewhat.

Here is Molly showing off her new lead and chunky paws.

[In case you're wondering, they had a lift back to the Boat Yard]

Thursday, May 22

Eynsham Billie

Bille was waiting outside the CO-OP today. She is off on holiday - a narrow boat trip in Staffordshire. Jo tells me that Billie has a little life jacket. I hope Jo takes lots of pics. :-)

[The title is supposed to be a pun on Greyfriars Bobby - but as I've had to explain it, I guess it isn't very good!]

Wednesday, May 21

Post-cards from Annie

My darling friend Annie has been on a trip to Chicago. Amongst other things, she's been to a fantastic sounding art exhibitions and to the Shedd Aquarium - where she saw sea otters and baby Beluga whales. I am GREEN with envy. However, she's sent me LOTS of post-cards.

Good thing we've got a double mantle piece!

Tuesday, May 20

Thank You - to my Anonymous Admirer

This morning someone left this lovely chrysanthemum (from FlowersTalk - the local florist) and wind-up Buzz Lightyear on my front doorstep. I have egotistically decided that they are presents for ME not The Boy - so MANY, MANY thanks, whoever you are. Big, snuffly Spring kisses from me.

Fiori di Zucca

The courgette plants we have in the conservatory are already in bloom! Fiori di Zucca anyone? It might be an idea if this year's crop is anything like last year's. It was only the combine efforts of Lorna & Family and The Boatyard Crew, that stopped us from being over run.

Monday, May 19

Dark Thoughts

It is night and I cannot sleep
I have drunk like an angel
From a reminder of dead love
I have taken colourful soporifics
That are sold to the living dead

It is night and I cannot sleep
I have read of faraway islands
Where men were cast ashore
I have mutilated myself
With a commentary of self-loathing

It is night and I cannot sleep
I have listen to time slowing
Yet remorselessly eddy past me
I have screamed in silent anger
And envy at bass profundo

It is night and I cannot sleep

Sunday, May 18

Another Exciting Evening at no 29

The APs came to visit this weekend. As you can see, my Pa, as ever, found our company absolutely scintillating.

Ma decided to stretch out on the window seat. Once I got the camera out, she started 'acting up' (again as usual). I thought this pose was very 'Romantic hero', very 'Death of Chatterton'.

Danger Artist at Work!

The lovely and talented SueC put on a painting demo out side the Eynsham Emporium, as part of ArtsWeeks (and put in her bid for 'Eynsham Rear of the Year'.

Check out the sexy flip-flops twinned with the 'ready for business' apron.

As Sue is so slight, and her paints so HUGE, I think she looks about six :-) .

Friday, May 16

M4 Sunset

On the way back from picking The Boy up from Heathrow on Wednesday evening, the sun was the most amazing red orb. I tried to capture it on my phone (The Boy was driving needless to say). The slow shutter speed, driving at ~50 mph and trees, cars & lamp posts in the way didn't make for great pictures!

Even when cropped, this doesn't give the intense, red splendour of the setting sun.

By the time we reached the Stokenchurch cut, the sun had gone down - leaving a beautiful pink glow. Ah well - inductive reasoning tells me that there'll be more sunsets :-)

[Any comments about Hume and inductive reasoning will be know who you are (baaaaa)!]

Tuesday, May 13

Maisie's Route

The Boy has pointed out, that if you look just about the parasol, you can see a little yellowish path across the grass. This Maisie's preferred route across the back lawn.

I'm not sure whether a close up helps or not!

Monday, May 12

'Black' Tulip Revisited...

None of these tulips came up this I've revisited last year's pictures.

Bit of saturation...
...bit of tinting...
...bit of focal black and improvement on nature, if such a thing is possible.

Poetry Plug

As well as being a fantastic friend - my second self, Annie is an accomplished writer. Here is a link to some of her poems:

The New Verse News

View from the Technogarret

Our Technogarret is a wonderful place to work. It's in the roof, with a velux window on each side. When I need a break from the screen, I wander to one of the windows and look out at Eynsham.

This is the view from the back of the house.

Frieda and Elsie have their gardens laid out for maximum veg. production. The Boy looks over at Elsie's empty greenhouse with envy. He day dreams about putting a door in the fence, and popping through to use it.
The Boy would love more space for veg. But, we also want to sit outside drinking and telling stories...with space for visiting children (and adults!) to charge around in. In a garden our size there always has to be choice and compromise - just like life :-).
There's something magical about Eynsham, and it's even more beautiful in the Spring.

Sunday, May 11

Baby Beans!

As previously mentioned, The Boy planted his borlotti beans really early. On Saturday he saw that he had his first bean pod. We deployed the 'Traves Trusty Veg Measure', to show you just how small it is/was. I think it would be perfect for a dolls' tea party!

Hattie hits Town

On Friday, my friend Nick came to visit with her daughter Hattie. I think her finger makes it look like she's saying "No press please!".

Entirely by accident, when Nick went to the bathroom, we had an instance of Ainsworth's 'Strange Situation' psychology experiment. Hattie cried for Mummy for about 10 seconds, then started burrowing in Mummy's bag - secure attachment.

Thursday, May 8

Blurred Boy

The Boy is very camera shy, so it's a shame that this is bit blurred. I've but it into black and white, with a red tint, in an effort to sharpen it.