Friday, May 23

We're all Doomed! A Visit to South Leigh Church

Why is it that we neglect the treasures on our doorstep? South Leigh is only three miles away and until this afternoon, I'd never been to the church.

This lovely Arts and Crafts inspired tower clock was installed in 1905.

This is the reason I visited - the amazing wall paintings. Now,before one gets too excited, one has to bear in mind that the paintings were HEAVILY restored in 1872 by Burlison and Grylls. But they can give you a fair idea of what churches looked like before those Puritan, iconoclast vandals got their hammers and whitewash on them!

Here is St Michael weighing souls with the Virgin interceding.

I was rather taken by these devils. Do you think the one that has the 'stick' in its mouth is playing fetch?

The Last Judgement - Doom - extends over the chancel arch onto the nave walls.

Painters always seem to have a more lively and colourful view of Hell than of the Celestial City. I guess they felt that they really had to hammer the point home.

Look at that red maw - that's where YOU'RE going if you scrump any more apples!

See - Heaven looks really dull doesn't it? And it looks like only red heads will get in!

These are lovely little birds...coming to a Victorian bathroom tile near you...

I ADORE Mary's little canopy.

I'm glad that St Clement has one too, or he'd be jealous I'm sure!

This is the only unrestored painting, of The Seven Deadly Sins. In this state I think it has an abstract beauty.

As well as the paintings, there is this rather nice altar.

And the pulpit where John Wesley preached his first sermon, in 1725 - I wonder what he'd have thought of the restored paintings?

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