Sunday, August 31

Eynsham Beer Festival 2008

Ah the Eynsham Beer Festival...which means: beer (of course), cream teas, cricket...

...cute dogs aplenty....

....giant Jenga...

...Aunt Sally and Eynsham Morris...

...even if Robin came in civvies!

The past, the present, the future - Eynsham Gods?

[P.S. The shadow photo above was inspired by one of SueC's recent paintings]

Sometimes it's hard to be a Moose....

Here is my bath pillow and sponge...they look rather pathetic don't they?

Especially the small one, who seems ro be imploring heaven for help!

Tuesday, August 26

Sleepy Red Panda

I thought I'd share with you a memory of a lovely day. About 12 years ago, I went to Copenhagen for a long weekend with my Ma. On our last day we went to the zoo.

I was VERY keen to see the red pandas..."Sssh" I cautioned, "they're very shy!". We turned the corner to see this little chap..."Shy indeed!" retorted Ma.

Sunday, August 24

Man accommodates Nature

Spotted in Summertown yesterday - I'm always pleased to see trees being respected. There are a few Victorian walls down the Banbury Road (in Oxford) that let tree roots through, but this is the most modern example I've seen. Hurrah for the plot owner and builder.

Cute Dogs at The Emporium

La Marrison (stalwart of this parish) has been dog sitting Billie, a Border Terrier, who belongs to our mutual friend Jo. As you can see, Billie has been enjoying the sunshine outside The Emporium.

I also met, Nelly, who is a Border Terrier- Jack Russell cross. She is so CUTE and her fur is SO soft...I'm in love (don't tell Maisie).

Saturday, August 16

Miss T makes Three

After all that partying, sometimes it's nice just to be alone with a book (well, almost alone).

100 Years Young!

Yesterday, my maternal Grandmother, Hanna Gertrude Holm-Petersen Bedford (Gertie) was 100! Here she is with my Uncle John, and my Ma, Ingrid.

Who knew there were so many 100th birthday cards available? Here are a few of Gertie's cards...

...and here are a few more, and some family photos.

Gertie had a telegram from this woman in a yellow dress.

We decided that 100 candles would be a little too many to blow out...

...but Gertie did have a handsome wine waiter of her own :-)...

...and her two granddaughters.

Thursday, August 14

Some of my Favourite Girls

Here we have from left to right - Rachel (3 years, 8 months), Zoe (5 months) and Gertie (100 years old tomorrow!!!).

Wednesday, August 13

Adam's Chair conti.

So...why is it when The Boy is away...

...everyone wants to sit in his chair?

Friday, August 8

Billie's Coat

Yesterday, I had a cup of coffee ( yes, you know where) with my good friend Jo. Her border terrier, Billie, has the most amazing ruglike coat.

Hmm...maybe Cruella had a point....

Wednesday, August 6

Anniversary Plans...

October 10th this year is our 10th wedding anniversary (I've just about forgiven The Weeping Cross for turning up in an outfit more snazzy than mine!).

The Boy and I had planned to go back to New Zealand, where we had our fantastic honeymoon. What with one thing and another, that's not going to be possible.

But who cares? WE'RE GOING TO ISTANBUL!!!!!! (And before you start SueC - the jail in Midnight Express is a hotel nowadays!) I can't wait...better yet, it's part of a joint work trip to Turkey - the Boy has a writing gig, and I've been commissioned to take the accompanying photos.

Tuesday, August 5

Foiled Again!!!

Now I know that TWO cat photos in a row may cause some of you to groan - but I had to post this, as it made me laugh so much.

The Boy puts the white cushion on his chair to stop Maisie covering it with hair. However, that doesn't deter Madame Maisie.

It's Raining!

The Boy took this pic. of Maisie staring moodily at the rain through the cat flap.

Je parie qu'elle souhaite elle était à Marseille avec Les Stefs!

Chinese Lanterns

Aren't these beautiful? As the title implies, they remind me Chinese paper lanterns. They're tomatillo - the seeds were a present from Dr Bones (deeply ironic, as she's highly allergic to the nightshade family). Time for a salsa party!