Tuesday, December 9

Things that make MissT CROSS...

I should be very happy ce moment, as I have a lovely new laptop (well, it's a refurb. but it's as new)...but...


I am annoyed about (in no particular order):

  • my cough which won't go away
  • friends who make the most incredibly tactless remarks, then have incredibly thin skins about anything I might say
  • women who dump their female friends when male company appears
  • my camera which has a dust particle I just can't get out
  • people who don't even acknowledge job applications, let alone tell you if you're not successful
  • Robert Mugabe
  • that someone I love lives too far away for me to support her properly
  • pissed up teenagers who keep me awake then throw cans of 'wife beater' into our front garden
  • me
./rant off


That said, a grumpy guts like me is lucky to have any friends at all....


MortimerBones said...

And it is you that makes me very happy.

"Better to ditch a friend for a sleep than for a man"

Anonymous said...

Re my camera which has a dust particle I just can't get out, try sensor swabs and solution -



JuliaB said...

oh dear! I hope I am not one of the tactless ones! Hope you are feeling better. Do you fancy any extra shifts this week? I am drowning with sewing. x