Tuesday, January 27

Huddersfield Rainbow

We were up in Huddersfield this weekend - and when The Boy noticed this rainbow I managed a quick snap with my phone.

The rather fine building on the left is Hudderfield Library and Art Gallery, where The Boy had a Saturday job. The statues outside reminded me of some of the Egyptian sculptures I saw in Berlin.

Friday, January 23

Hurrah for Friends - UPDATED

I am, it has to be said a very lucky girl. Yesterday, the divine Dr Bones and Maffi (who is Igor to her Dr Frankenstein) - came over and spent AGES plumbing in our new dishwasher (including a trip to Evenlode DIY for bits). All this out of love!

The Boy would like to point out that he cooked a delicious supper for us all - but the dynamic duo didn't know this was on the cards when they minced over....thank you, thank you, thank you. I now have to work out how the thing works!

Monday, January 19

Spot the Birdie

This owl caught my eye in Oxford station today. For a split second I thought it was real! I assume it's been placed there to scare off other birds.

Posing Maisie

My nephew (who's twelve), was given a mobile phone for Christmas. He's been sending me texts, and as I'd run out of things to say, I replied to his text on Saturday with this picture of Maisie. She looks rather regal.

Saturday, January 17

The House of Books has no Windows

Yesterday, The Boy and I went to an exhibition at Modern Art Oxford - The House of Books has no Windows, by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

I'd been lured in by the title, and the knowledge that the exhibition was FREE. I don't normally 'get' conceptual art, but I really enjoyed the show. 

The Boy took these pics on his phone, hence the rather poor quality (but hey, that makes them nice and 'arty') - I think I look like a little girl who's found her perfect Wendy House :-).

Thursday, January 15

Purple Passion

Every year I force bulbs under the stairs. This year, I have these purple wonders. They smell every bit as good as they look.

Yum, Yum, Yum

Last week I dusted off my apron, and made this yummy fig and walnut bread.

It was exceedingly delicious!

[The breadboard is a hippo, but in this photo it looks a bit like a Moomin doesn't it?]

Monday, January 12

Another Good Sign...

...but without punctuation, it could mean lots of different things...or have I been living with an editor too long?

Thursday, January 8

City of the Big Shoulders - Another Page from MissT's Album

A few years ago I went to the States to visit my friend Annie and her sister Virginia. I'd only just bought my first digital camera, and didn't pack a spare battery or a charger, so this was the ONLY picture I was able to take.

I love the idea of a sky scraper with a flying buttress.

[The blog title is from a fantastic poem about Chicago by Carl Sandburg]

Wednesday, January 7

All That Remains of Us

A few years ago, The Boy and I went on holiday with my extended family to Brittany. One day we all decided to do our own thing. By coincidence my parents and the two of us, both went to the same ruined abbey within hours of each other.

It was a place of amazing peace and beauty - sadly I can't remember it's name.

This morning, when I was looking for something else, I came across these tomb photos. I remembered that I'd promised to send them to my Ma, as we'd both been rather taken by their location amongst the ferns.

Sorry Ma - better late than never?

[Lorna - yes, it does look phallic - calm down, it's only a monument]

Sunday, January 4

Wishing you a Kindly 2009

Every now and again I trip across an article that changes my attitude towards myself - this one did:

I've always had trouble with the concept that the 'psychologically well person' has to be autonomous and necessarily independent, as it's not the way I want to, or can live. So nice to find a piece that articulates my viewpoint far better than I can!