Sunday, May 31

France 2009 - Milor Encore

Close to where we stay in Burgundy, is a little bar, where we stop for a coffee from time to time.

The owners have a dog called Milor - who is half peke, half 'Father unknown'. I am always pleased to see him...

...despite the fact he's not really a very, nice dog (he hates Christopher).

France 2009 - Giverny Lunch

As it was our first day in France, we had a 'typical' French lunch. Moules et frites pour moi, and steak tartare for The Boy (note the artist's palatte plate!).

France 2009 - Giverny Water Garden

For most of us, the name Giverny is associated with Monet's waterlily paintings.

The water garden was created later, across the road from the main garden.

In the museum on site, you can see the planning application, complete with Monet's nifty little garden plan.

As with any established garden, there are some wonderfyl specimen plants. Now that's what I call a hosta!

This amazing orange puts any silk blouse to shame.

In contrast, here is delicate peony,

...a gracious foxglove...
...and a VERY happy MissT.

Friday, May 29

France 2009 - Giverny Upper Garden

On our way down to Burgundy we visited Giverny - Monet's house and garden.

I'd wanted to go there for years - but I'd been scared to, in case it didn't live up to expectations.

The Boy sorted it all out, and it was a magical experience.

We went early just after it'd rained...

...the garden was fresh...

...and packed with people full of joy.

It's easy to understand...

...why it's been called Monet's greatest artistic achievement.

Part of me is still there.

France 2009 - Les Andelys

On our way down we stopped in a lovely little village called Les Andelys...

...not a bad view from our window is it? :-)

Sunday, May 24

Didn't we have a lovely time...

The Boy and I returned from France late last night. As you can imagine, I have LOTS of piccies to blog :-). For now, let's just say...that we went to some lovely places...

...and made some new friends.

Monday, May 11

Carlos at The Spin

On Thursday we went to see Carlos (Lopez-Real) play at The Spin. Carlos was in my year at St Hugh's and is an absolute sweetie, as well as being a really talented musician.

These are dreadful photos taken on my 'phone - so you can't see that Carlos looks at least 20 years younger than me. He has a five month old son, and he's a jazz musician. Surely he should be worn and raddled!

Ye Olde Sock Puppets

I've featured the sock puppets in the OUP bookshop before - but these are a cut above!

Monday, May 4

Boating with Boots and The Boy - Updated

I have upset someone dear to me by 'papping' them. So here is the lovely Boots...

...he doesn't read my blog.

For Virginia

Off for a cruise with Dr Bones from Shipton - but I am always on alert!

Foxbury Farm Cuties

Dear Reader (or should that be Surfer?, as you've probably gathered, I'm a sucker for anything cute...

...on our last trip to the Foxbury Farm shop (which I can't recommend highly enough), I had the chance to squeal at these chaps/chappesses.

A dog for MissT?

In a week when the Dr Bones and the Marmalade Kiss household have welcomed a canine addition - here is the one hound that Maisie would tolerate!

Muchos Punky!

Our last day in Malaga the rain came down in stair rods! In the bar where we had lunch, I noticed a flock of punkies (see more here) in the freezer.

My late friend Gwen adored Punky, so it was nice to have a reminder of her.

Worse parking than mine...

...yes it is possible! I love the callous disregard for the cones.

The tropical room - Hotel Enfrente Arte

Last time we visited Ronda, we took the advice of Trip Advisor, and stayed at The Hotel Enfrente Arte. It's a fabulous place.

We had breakfast every morning in the tropical room - which is a glazed over courtyard. It has lots of huge plants, a fish pond, birds and other art installations.

To access the games room, you have to cross the stepping stones in the fish pond...

...very scary with my sense of balance!

There's even a massage chair - perfect for La Marrison!

[Apologies for the quality of the pics, but they were just quick snaps on my 'phone]

Setenil de las Bodegas - houses in the rocks.

We took a little excursion to Setenil, in Cadiz, to see the troglodyte houses. If you go, make sure you don't try and drive through the narrow streets (The Boy still goes white when he thinks about it) - and take non-slippy shoes. It's not just steep, but the age old cobbles are very slippy. And yes, I fell over.

You have to park where you can here.

The houses must be very cool in Summer. We went to a bar there, and had some amazing chipirones with garlic. There was about half of clove of garlic on each of them - delicious!

Ronda La Vieja

After The Boy's conference had ended, we made the most of the good weather, and went to visit Acinipo - known by the locals as Ronda La Vieja.

There was a handy, little sign pointing out the way. The circling vultures weren't quite so welcoming!

Stepping out onto the stage, the eons rolled back - sadly I couldn't remember anything suitable to declaim.

This couple didn't do any better!

It's an amazing spot - you can see why it was choosen as a fortress.