Monday, July 27

If you want to get ahead...get a hatbox!

Ah the joy of the Oxford antiques market. Here is my latest purchase, a hatbox.

Inside there are two little pin cushions to put your hatpins in.

It's obviously well travelled... more dust on my titfas!

Susan - the sock bringer!

The week before last my friend Susan (Sioux to my Ma) was over from New York.

As well as a beautiful scarf we gave me these fabby owl socks. She knows me so well!

Tuesday, July 21

Mystery Graveyard

Anyone got any idea where this is? I've finally managed to unjumbled most of my photos, but I have no idea about this one. A shame as it looks a lovely glade.

A bit of pink for Dr Bones

Dr Bones likes to pretend that she's all Gothic, gloomy & dark...but she likes a bit of pink. So this is for her.

Monday, July 20

Little Miss Sunshine

This weekend my first sunflower came into bloom. I'm really excited as I've never had any success growing them before.

Tuesday, July 14

New Blue

As many of you know, I love blue glass.

To my delight, when wandering through The Covered Market yesterday, I spied these two paperweights in the window of a charity shop.
Not bad for £1 each!

I adore the blue shadows they cast.

Tuesday, July 7

Support an Eynsham Hero

A friend of mine's son was badly injured in Iraq in 2007. You can read his story here:

In October he plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Help for Heros. However conflicted you may feel about the war in Iraq (and I admit I am), I urge you to support Jon. This is his fund raising page:

Jon and his fellow troops are very brave men, and deserve our support.