Sunday, August 30

This is what FAILURE looks like...

Huddersfield Giants 16 - Warrington Wolves (aka Dirty Wire) 25.

The Boy was not impressed.

Sunflower Seed Regiment

On Friday I cut off the sunflower heads that were past their best, in order to dry them. At first, I thought a little birdie had been pecking at the seeds.

When I looked more closely, I realised that it was just the tiny flowers that were gone. All the seeds were still in their regimented rows. They remind me of the Terracotta Army.

Thursday, August 27

Cotswold Mini Tour - Cirencester

I took this pic of Cirencester church from a rather nice tearoom.

The church is being restored at the moment. A rather droll Aussie remarked to me "I hope they put the pipes back in the right order!"

I really liked the pulpit...

...with the remains of medieval painting.

There's a little more here...

...and this rather sweet schoolboy as you leave.

Woolly Cows!!!

When we were in Bibury we came across these wonderfully, woolly cows. I'd loved to have plunged my hands into their pelts..but I didn't get the chance.

Cotswold Mini Tour - Bibury

William Morris called Bibury 'the prettiest village in England'. These cottages, Arlington Row, are now owned by the National Trust.

My Pa was intrigued by this little lane, and so we went for a little explore...

...and in passing saw this amazing roof. I guess that's what happens when you build on a slope!

It brings you out above the village, with loads of footpaths to choose from.

We took a wander through the woods...

...past from ancient trees...

...and came out round the back of Arlington Row.

Now...this is what I CALL an outhouse!

Gloucester Street Motorbike

From time to time, there's the odd motorbike parked round the corner from the office.

I was rather tickled by the sign...!?!

For Virginia...

...another one for the collection - King's Sutton.

Sunday, August 23

They really are giant...

Aaah...the garden is lovely at the moment.

The sunflowers are doing REALLY well... is husband for height comparison...

...The Boy is 6'2" they really are giant sunflowers.

Monday, August 10

The Oxford Canal at Banbury

I was very impressed by how the shopping centre in Banbury has integrated the canal.

Tooley's Boatyard can be found nestled under the huge, modern building.

I love the forge. I guess it was probably moved and rebuilt?

Cruise to Banbury on nb Bones

On Saturday, The Boy and I joined Dr Bones and Crew at Twyford Mill, for a cruise up to Banbury.

Boots decided that it was more fun to run up and down the tow path, with the odd pause to pose looking noble...

...or checking out the locks.

As Maffi was hors de combat, and I'm not very handy, it was up to The Boy and Dr Bones to navigate the locks.

Locks are rather scary when you're at the bottom - and the water is coming in!

What was Molly doing? A little bit of looking out...

...some snoozing...

...and a bit of a cuddle.

"Hey Boots,!"

The dainties from the Cornucopia deli in Eynsham, are NOT FOR DOGS!

We jumped ship at Banbury, and took the train home.

Maisie Online

I moved for one minute and there she is! I wonder what sites she's been looking at?


Our Victoria plums (or blums, as my Ma calls them) are ripe. This is the first year that we've had a decent crop.

They are as delicious and they are beautiful.

Saturday, August 1

My small object of desire - Pitt Rivers scrimshaw

Elaine decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and that the urchins were a big young for the shrunken heads in the Pitt Rivers. I introduced them to my favourite exhibit, this scrimshaw hunting scene.

I think this polar bear has a fantastic expression. However, I think the wind-up torches, that you could borrow for a better look in the cases, were the most memorable thing about the visit!

Skeletons & More

What to do with a six and seven & a half year old, on a rainy day in Oxford? Go to the University Museum of course.

It's such a fantastic small museum, housed in beautiful, neo-Gothic building. I love the way the bones of the dinosaurs mirror the ribs of the ceiling.

Lots of the skeletons were found in the local area.

Every time I visit I spot a new detail in the stonework.

The kids loved the dinosaurs (of course)...

...that you could touch lots of the exhibits...

...but the real hit were the luminous rocks.