Monday, September 28

Reception Day

On Sunday I was received into the Roman Catholic church, at St Peter's in Eynsham. Lovely Louise, and the 'newly engaged' Stephen, were my sponsors.

During the Confirmation ceremony, the Priest addresses the candidate by their "Confirmation Name". This is a saint's name, who you will pray to for help and guidance. I choose Gertrude of Nivelles (NOT because she's patron saint of cats, but for other worthier reasons :-)...).

Many thanks to everyone who came, or held me in their thoughts and prayers. It was a very special day.

PS plus a big thank you to Siobhan (Mrs Stephen to be) for taking the pics.

Sunday, September 20

Maisie is Stir Crazy!!!

Maisie (see above) had to have a couple of teeth out on Tuesday. We have to keep her in for a week, and she's beginning to go spare. She is becoming increasingly vocal, and eying up even the smallest, highest window. I think we'll all be relieved when she can go out again (and forsake the indignities of the poo tray).

That said, a new catnip mouse from Culpepper, has distracted her a bit. Trouble is, it's now so manky, it looks disturbingly like a real one.

Monday, September 7

Eynsham Beer Festival 2009 - The English at Play

It was August Bank Holiday Sunday - so it was the Eynsham Beer Festival. As you can see, Sue and Gav didn't let the cold and windy weather daunt them. Why did we need the sun?

We had beer...

...(well, OK, not everyone enjoyed the Morris Dancing)...

...and CREAM TEAS!

New Improved St Hugh's

On the 28th October I wandered up to St Hugh's to have lunch with Adrian. The project to improve disabled access has just finished, and I think it looks great.

I really like the planters...

...very Frank Lloyd Wright.

Sunday, September 6

Christening the Paella Pan

At Eynsham Carnival this year, The Boy treated himself to a paella pan. As he'd read somewhere that the best way to cook paella was an a barbecue, he realised last week that he'd better get a wriggle on before Summer was over.

On Bank Holiday Monday Lovely Lindsay, and Prof Pete came over and we all watched while The Boy sweated over a hot pan. For the record - it was delicious.