Saturday, October 31

Temple Cone

This is one stylish traffic cone!

Super Kitsch!

Our hotel in KL, was...different. This was a typical decoration!

Thean Hou Temple

On my first full day in KL, Yuleng and I went to the Thean Hou buddist temple.

As you can see it's Chinese in style...

...with beautiful detail.

Worshippers buy one of these beautiful, lotus shaped candles...

...then kneel and pray in front of...

...the goddess.

Here is Yuleng reading her fortune. You stir the sticks around, and then choose one. The stick has a number on it - which corresponds to a drawer. In the appropriate drawer is a slip of paper with your fortune written on it.

At the back of the temple is a turtle pond. It's very restful watching them swim around.

Tuesday, October 27

Fresh Coconut

Have I mentioned how yummy fresh coconut is? The straw is to drink the (clear) milk, and the spoon is to eat the flesh.

Yum, yum and indeed yum.

Monday, October 26

An Evening out in KL

At the moment I'm in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Adam is busy at a conference, while I have the chance to meet up with an old friend from college, Yuleng. She's an absolute sweetheart, so it's great to spend some time with her, and have a really good, local introduction to the city.

On our first night, she took us to a 'hawker market', for some authentic, Malay Chinese food.

In the evenings, little stalls are set up in a car park, with little portable generators to power the signs...

...and gas canisters to power their stonking burners (that said, there isn't any mains gas in KL, so the gas canister is rather iconic).

We loved this guy, who was filling veg and wraps with a fish paste (which where then deep fried). He was incredibly fast and skilled.

This chap is preparing a local delicacy, squid with spinach.

here's the poor chap dealing with the dirty dishes. Don't worry, he's not washing up, just rinsing. The clean dishes came from somewhere else.

On the way back to the car, I spotted this night club (I had to take a snap to show our friend Beryl)...
...and a little traditional house, in amongst the high rises. The house is on stilts to keep things cooler (and so there's somewhere for the chickens to go).

Wednesday, October 21

Basket Case

Guilty conscience?

Cat Crime - Part Two may think that potpourri in a plant pot is 'home beautiful' too far...

...but it's the only way to stop the ruddy cats using it as their own en-suite!

Cat Crime

"Hello, my name is Billy, I am a cute cat".

"Erm...Billy, what's that on the chair?"

"It looks like a feather."


A Fireman in my Shower...

...a friend pointed out that I hadn't blogged any pics of the new en-suite. Here is a little something to keep you going!