Wednesday, December 16

Guitar Lessons

Adam gave a guitar lesson to young Joseph the other day. When I looked my closely at the photos, I realised that Joseph had exactly copied Adam's hands.

Sunday, December 13

Hurrah - Elsie's Home

Our lovely neighbour, Elsie, who is 99 1/2, came home after seven weeks (and a broken hip) in hospital (she fell over just hours after we'd left for Aus). She's a tough, old thing - no many people would be back home living on their own after an accident like that.

We decided to mark the occasion in carnival style!

Tuesday, December 8

The Nobbies and Penguins

As well as visiting the koalas, we went see see the Nobbies (OK we were filling in 'til we could see the Penguin Parade).

After the heat, it was nice to have a cool breeze.

Now gulls...

...are basically flying rats...

but this chick was quite cute.

It was lovely to see a penguin burrow...

...with two chicks in.

We couldn't take photos at the Penguin Parade, so here's my last pic from Aus. A glance at infinity.

Phillip Island Koala Reserve

And so to the Koala Reserve...I rather liked the sign.

It was more of a koala hunt really, as they're quite hard to spot against the silver grey bark of the eucalyptus trees.

Koalas spend most of their time asleep, as they're stoned on eucalyptus leaves.

They have snoozing off to a fine art.

They do it...really...

...really well.

Good thing they have strong paws to hold on with.

They get into some amazing positions.

There were also some wallabies...


...and other pretty birds.

Back to the koalas... cute... stupid (this isn't a eucalyptus tree).

Oh...there was a little baby one...yeah, I squealed.

Oh look...

...they move every now and again...

...this si quite a balletic leg isn't it.

MissT and friend.

Cows in Cowes

Our trip nearly over (sob, sob) David, Adam and I headed to Phillip Island for the day. We had lunch in a nice cafe is Cowes. I was rather taken with their decorated cows.

I liked these two best.

An Evening in St Kilda

One evening we popped over to St Kilda to meet up with a hazard (that must be the collective noun) of golf course architects.

Nice place to sail a yacht.

We saw the 'Spirit of Tasmania' ferry leaving for Tasmania...

...two lovely hounds...

...and a beautiful sunset.

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

The Yarra Valley is well known for its vineyards.

They're quite posh...

...and it's a beautiful spot...

...and they make beer in the valley too...:-)...!

Kings Canyon

Having had mild heat stroke the day before, I'd decided to take the 'easy walk' option. If I hadn't already decided, this ascent would have made my mind up! Here are some of Adam's photos.

Kings Canyon is an amazing gorge, 270m high.

Oh look, there they are up there.

Here is a very brave root.

The strata looks like piles of biscuits don't they?

Here are Harry and David by the edge. It was only later that they realised they'd been standing on an overhang...

...about now in fact.

In the bottom of the gorge is an area of beautiful greenery, known as the Garden of Eden.

More biscuits...

...mad, mad, mad Canucks! Two of the most lovely people in the world.

Did I mention Harry didn't return from the trip?