Sunday, January 31

For Virginia - VR Post Office

Sadly, this Post Office in Stamford, has just been closed down.

Stuck in my rut....

...I like my rut!

Performance Art in Cornmarket Street

I was rather impressed with this chap a few weeks ago...

Janey Morris...

I noticed this the other day in Oxford. I found myself giving out a very old maidish snort...I guess 'muse' is quite a good catch all term :-)....

Rome Jan 2010 - Art Objects

We were heading to the gate at the airport, when I noticed the stylish window display.

Quite beautifully done!

Rome Jan 2010 - Give it some blue!

Adam spotted this at the airport...I wonder what its top speed is? Do they have a special 'Driving a golf cart at speed' course?

Rome Jan 2010 - For the child who has evrything...

...a Ferrari bike (note the stabilisers...)

Tuesday, January 26

Rome Jan 2010 - Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is built on the site of Domitian's circus, and still has the oval shape.

And is rather nice :-)

Rome Jan 2010 - Castel Sant'Angelo

In the opera, this is where Tosca threw herself off...splat.

Rome Jan 2010 - For Virginia

Virginia, I'm afraid that the post boxes were really modern and boring...but the litter bins were quite something.

I'm not sure how I feel about seeing SPOR on litter bins. On the one hand it's continuity, on the other is it clawing at a glorious past?

Rome Jan 2010 - The Colosseum

Here is a pic that Adam took from the nearest bus stop to The Colosseum. It shows just how meshed modern and ancient Rome is.

As you can see the light wan't great (and was cold)...

...but I hope this gives you some idea of how monumental it is.

It's a very strange experience to be there... can almost hear the cheers of the crowd.

It's strange to think that even in the 1920s it was rather a neglected place, a malaria risk. A real feeling of that time can be found in Edith Wharton's short story, 'Roman Fever', written in 1934.

Monday, January 25

Rome jan 2010 - Guiseppe Momo's Staircase

This fabulous staircase is the exit to the Vatican Museums.

Did I mention that Adam gets vertigo?

Rome Jan 2010 - A Scooter fit for Dr Bones

Of all the beaten up scooters we saw in Rome, this was probably the worst!

Rome Jan 2010 - Holiday Romance

Don't tell Maisie...

Rome Jan 2010 - Lingerie Nightmare

And I thought I had trouble finding supportive underwear!

Robin's Excellent Adventure

My dear Pa, has decided to sail around the UK this year. He has started a blog (with just a little help from moi), to record the great voyage.

If you're interested, you can follow it here:

Rome Jan 2010 - Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are an absolute treasure trove. I was absolutely enervated by the time we staggered out. As I am an obedient girl, I didn't take pictures of anything that might be damaged by flash. So here are some little serpents to whet your appetite...

Goddess Juno's feet...

...a detail from 'Laoco├Ân and his Sons'...

...and a VERY CUTE sea monster.

Rome Jan 2010 - More Bernini

When Bernini designed his colonnades in St Peter's Square...

...he said that he wanted them to symbolise the welcoming arms of the church.

It's simply stunning.

Rome Jan 2010 - Drinking Fountain

As you'd expect from somewhere so hot, Rome has lots of drinking fountains. I loved this fierce little dragon.

Rome Jan 2010 - Light Shopping

The Euro is so mighty that I couldn't afford to buy much, beyond the odd postcard.

I thought of Fr Rattue when I saw all these nice hats...

...and Adam spotted this... calcio the true religion of Italy!

Rome Jan 2010 - Bernini's Elephant

Just round the corner from the Pantheon... this lovely elephant sculpture, holding up an Egyptian obelisk.

It's by this article to see why it's smiling.

Here is Adam for scale.

Friday, January 22

Rome Jan 2010 - The Pantheon

Beauty, awe, wonder...

Rome Jan 2010 - More Culture Clash

Now I realise that I'm starting to sound like a real little Englander...but why do the Italians have such a thing about Nutella? See this link for details.

Rome Jan 2010 - Wrong is SO Many Ways!

Now...I know that our Continental Cousins have a different attitude towards Burberry check - ie it's seen as stylish...

...but darlings...!!!! This is JUST SO WRONG!!!!

Sensible Animal

Last week I was about to go out in the cold and slush, when I noticed Maisie.

She had the right idea methinks!

Sunday, January 10

Magic, our Maurice

Not quite magic enough in fact, as I didn't manage to banish the snow. However, I inadvertently gave Mrs Marmalade a scare!

Cold Comfort

I feel rather sorry for the felines at the moment...

...trekking out in the snow...for, well, relief.

Wednesday, January 6

Baby it's COLD Outside - View from the Cybergarret

Now, I know that a foot of snow is nothing to our Canadian cousins (and Aunts)...but it's the heaviest we've seen in Eynsham.

Here are some snaps I took from our attic 'home office' (aka the cybergarret).

I'm not sure whether Elsie's fruit net is going to hold up under the weight of the snow for much longer.

And here is our little plot...

...if you look carefully, you can see where Adam made his way to the shed to stock up on logs.

Apart from the lamp post, Queen St looks pretty timeless.