Tuesday, February 23

Change of Spirit

Today I was channeling a certain Welsh friend of mine...
  • Why is it so cold? I want to sit on my new bench in the garden.
  • Why do I have to deal with so many acronyms? My brain is starting to bleed.
  • Why does Eynsham have to have a stupid toll bridge that holds up the traffic? I want to get home.
  • Why is it so overcast? I want to take some photos.
Then I returned home, and Adam (the drain king) had not only rodded the drains, but cooked supper. Then it was off out to choir, and the combination of good company, good tunes, and a good rehearsal quite restored my spirits.

All in all, life is pretty good :-). I just need to find room for mini-pigs in the Blackfriars Hall budget.