Thursday, March 25

Lady's Tool Kit (spelling mistake now amended)

My boss, fr David, and I buy a fair amount of stationery (I love my job). This means that we're sent a fair amount of special offers. One of them was for a pink ladies (sic) tool kit. It was free if you bought about £30.00 of stuff. How could I resist? We put an order together, and unfortunately it was delivered to the Regent, fr Richard.

David and I received an email which included the fantastic comment, "How many pink ladies do we need to repair exactly?".

BTW - this photo doesn't do justice to the day glow, Barbie pink, of the tools.

Vermin Fawlty!

If only all the rodents at Beaumont St were this cute!

Sunday, March 14

A desire satisfied...

It's always nice to grant a wish. Even better if it's for a lovely person...better yet if it involves CAKE...:-).

Spring has Sprung!

After a Winter that's been too cold, and too long (well for England anyway...I know you all have it worse in France/Scotland/Canada/USA etc. etc.), we finally had a lovely Spring day. As well as the brave snowdrops, we have crocuses...

...and fritillaries.

I admit that at the moment, my NEW BENCH isn't in the most scenic of locations, but when the daffs are out, and trees are in leaf, it'll be more of an sylvan glade.

Meantime, after mass this morning, I sat and enjoyed the sunshine...

...with tea...

...a book...

...and Maisie. Utter bliss.