Monday, May 31

Turkey May 2010 - Pergamon Asclepion

Pergamon also has the ruins of the Asclepion, a health complex (where Galen practiced) . At the end of this parade (which would have been a row of SHOPS [only 2,000 years too late!]), potential patients would be assessed. Pregnant women and the terminally ill weren't allowed in, which was cheating if you ask me.

There were lots of little lizards around...

...who were rather shy.

Unlike this little tortoise, the first I've ever seen in the wild.

The columns were rather lovely.

Wouldn't mind this in the back garden.

On this broken column you can see three health symbols: snakes, olive branches, and the wheel of life.
The poppies and wild flowers were absolutely lovely.

One of the main form of diagnosis was dream analysis, so heaven only knows what they'd have made of me.

The site had various mod cons, including a tunnel to travel around the site if it was raining....

...and a decent sized theatre.

I was rather taken by the little ball and claw feet that marked the end of each row.

It was shades of Ozymandias...

...especially this one that's upside down!

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