Sunday, September 19

To be a pilgrim - Beatification Mass - Cofton Park

At unspeakable o'clock this morning, I left to catch my 'pilgrim bus' to Cofton Park, for the Beatification of John Henry Newman, and Papal Mass.

Our 3am start from Witney, got us seated at Cofton Park at twenty to six (in the drizzle).

Some seemed more prepared for bad weather than others!

Here are Kate and Carol as dawn breaks.

Kate's extensive Glastonbury experience meant that she found us a good spot...

...somewhere in her is the Pope...

and the sun came out for Il Papa.

The sun meant that the umbrellas marked where the concelebrants were, rather than having to shield them.

A very special day, and extremely well organised...however, did they need to make special Beatification branded toilet signs?

Monday, September 13

Flavio Zappi's Coffee Shop - Walton St

After going to see Metropolis, with lovely Lindsay at The Phoenix, we chanced upon Zappi's coffee shop (which has been there since 2008).

It's run by Flavio Zappi, and ex professional cyclist. After some years away from the sport, he now runs a cycling club, based at the cafe.

As well as all the cycling memorabilia, there are some special coffees blends...

...and this little chap, who I assume comes from The Oxford Cake Company (who made my wedding cake).

BTW - the coffee was excellent.

Friday, September 10

For Virginia...

A nice little VR box that Adam spotted in Merton St, just on the corner of Oriel St.

Canine Busker

I thought this dog was just for show...

...until he started 'singing'. He also gave a long hard stare at any money that was donated. Probably calculating how much woofy mix it would garner!

Monday, September 6

Wonderful Wales

OK...I admit it.

I've been very rude about Wales in the past...

...but it really is lovely.

I can't wait to go back.

Sunday, September 5


One of the many nice things about where we stayed in Wales, was that it wasn't far from the seaside.

In this case Aberaeron, where the brightly painted houses remind me of harbour towns in Scotland.

The old harbourmaster's house was particularly fine.

There were some nice boats in the marina...

...and I really admired the chutzpah of calling such a small boat 'The African Queen'.

I think some thespians must live here.

The day we visited a special horse festival was going on (which made it very difficult to park).

I'm not sure how much the donkeys enjoyed it.