Tuesday, November 30


I had heard a rumour that Cinderella, this year's panto at the Oxford Playhouse, was going to star two shetland ponies. I caught sight of them arriving today.

As it's just round the corner from work, I can be a stable door Johnny!

Friday, November 26

Winter Light Night - Natural History & Pitt Rivers Museum

A real treat this evening...

...Winter Light Night at the Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum.

I went with my lovely friend Jo, and her children Jack and 'Cille.

The dinosaurs...

...were shown off to good effect...

...by the special lighting...

...which was very special.

We enjoyed the wind up torches...

...we used to explore the Pitt Rivers collection.

The lighting was fab here too...

...highlighting the beautiful roof.

People wandering around with torches looked like a cloud of fireflies.

The museum itself...

...looked like the skeleton of dinosaur.

[Photos taken with my new iPhone :-)...]

Sunday, November 21


The weather hasn't be great of late, and I was rather taken with this invitation outside 'The Dukes Cut'.

The weather was decent(ish) today, so we dug over the veg plot and mucked out the greenhouse. I always forget just how taxing digging is. It's taken me the rest of the day to recover!


It's not a birthday without cake. My lovely husband make me a ginger & mascarpone cheesecake, and chocolate muffins .