Sunday, March 20

Lucy's Tarte Tatin (by Dr P)

My lovely friend Cathy (that's Dr Prescott to you) made 'Lucy's Tarte Tatin' on Saturday evening, with russets, my favourite apple. Yum, yum, yum and indeed yum.

La Luna Revisited

Last night the moon was incredibly bright...and beautiful.

Pig & Hare

Sauntering along Jesus Lane, I came across this pig...

...and hare, outside Westcott House. I'm not quite sure their significance, surely it can't be a reference to Pipkins?

Godzilla in Jesus

Your intrepid documentary photographer was out and about in Cambridge this weekend.

I glimpsed these amazing dinosaurs through the gate to Jesus College.

A kind student let me in (security, what security) and I managed to have a close look.

These wonderful monumental beasts are an installation by the Chapman Brothers.

I loved the way they menaced the buildings...

...and seemed to be thinking about eating the odd student.

Sunday, March 13

Pygmy Goats at Foxbury

On Saturday afternoon I was feeling frayed for various reasons. What better than to pop off to Foxbury Farm to see the baby goats.

I'm sure there's room for a few in the back garden...especially if we construct that goat bridge...

Wednesday, March 2


I have absolutely NO IDEA why there was a tank in Broad St. Unless it was a protest against the traffic bollards?

For the man who has everything...

I came across this lion today outside a shop at the top of St Giles - Exclusive Roots.

I admire the craftsmanship (craftwomansship?) but how many people could accomodate one?