Saturday, August 6

Dorset 2011 - Abbotsbury Swannery

On the edge of The Fleet you find Abbotsbury Swannery.

It was established by the abbey as a food source - "Oh no! Not swan again!" (I found this figure rather creepy)

And yes, there are lots of swans.

This swan is being lazy - it's not injured.

It's not all swans, there are plenty of coots and ducks about.

Anna Pavlova visited as research for her role in 'The Dying Swan'.

It must have been rather a bizarre visit.

I'd have loved to buy postcards of these pictures, but they didn't have them of course. Why do places never have postcards of what I want?

I also enjoyed the landscaping...

...however, I think Sarah and the girls liked the tractor ride best! :-)

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