Sunday, August 7

Dorset 2011 - A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Dorset really is lovely. As well as the countryside, here are a few other things that I enjoyed looking at.

A little stained glass window...

...some mulberries (which were delicious)... adolescent seagull...

...a tandem mountain bike (one for Abigail & Paul?)...

...and an elderly Paddington.

With all the fish 'n' chips that are eaten, I bet these lorries run day and night (I recommend 'Herbie's Dino Bar', on the seafront in Lyme. Fish sourced from Lyme Bay and cooked to order).

Now is this a CAD monkey? Or a gentleman who's well, a bit of a rake (but would you advertise?).

A fisherman at rest.

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