Sunday, August 7

Exeter Quayside & Canal

My Pa and I bullied the rest of the family down to the quayside. The quay was built to service the wool trade. This is the lovely little customs house.

This little building looks rather Dutch doesn't it?

All these little lockups are now chichi shops, except for a rather good coffee place.

It's all been done rather well, with canoe hire...

...and a cute little chain ferry. The only other one I know is in Stratford-upon-Avon, the one connecting St Hilda's to Christchurch meadow is long gone.

We decided to take a boat trip up the canal.

Canal swing bridges are usually operated by someone walking along the bank. In this case a chap jumped from the boat each time.

He then swung on the the bridge itself, and jumped back into the boat. Wondering whether he'd fall in all added to the enjoyment of the trip.

Boater friends tell me that the Exeter Ship Canal is one of the oldest.

It's certainly absolutely lovely.

Here is some gratuitous male flesh for Lorna's delight & delectation.

I'd rather like a long trip down this canal. Any takers?

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