Sunday, November 27

For Virginia...

The post-boxes in Morocco are the boring French yellow ones. Adam took this pic of a post office in Marrakech for the collection, as it's a bit more exciting :-).

Saturday, November 26

Fresh Air by the Fishponds

Last night I had that telltale tickle in my throat, and I woke up this morning with a VILE cold. Although we now have lovely fire, I decided to go for walk this afternoon, to brush away from of the cobwebs. I had a wander round one of Eynsham's treasures - the Abbey Fishponds.

Eynsham had an abbey until naughty old Henry VIII fell for Anne Boleyn, and the church's money. The Anglican church, St. Leonard's (on the right), and the Roman Catholic church, St. Peter's (on the left), are both on the site.

I was a bit late for the autumn colour...

...but there was still plenty to see.

I was also able to enjoy one of my favourite of life's small pleasures - kicking through piles of fallen leaves.