Monday, December 19

Robin's aka Evenlode DIY

The window display messages in Robin's shop always gladden my heart.

Sunday, December 18

Jaffé & Neale Bookshop & Café - Chipping Norton

The kitchen is coming on apace, but yesterday I badly needed to get away from the noise, dust and Plant Rock (although I've been surprised by how many lyrics to classic rock songs I know).

At the suggestion of Jackie, the landlady from the Queen's head we headed up to Chipping Norton, to Jaffé & Neale and wonderful independent bookshop. As well as books, it sells tea & coffee, cakes, cards and tat (of a superior kind). Lucy shopping heaven basically.

All that, and a fantastic Oxfam second hand bookshop. I'll be going to Chipping Norton again, despite the danger of bumping into Jeremy Clarkson, David Cameron et al.