Saturday, January 7


My husband gave me a Kindle for my 40th birthday. As I anticipated it's made not having anything to read when I'm travelling, a thing of the past. It's changed my reading habits in two ways that I hadn't anticipated i) I'm reading lots of 'classics' (because they're often free to download) and ii) I'm reading a daily paper again.

When I was a student I was a complete news junkie, I'd read at least two or three broadsheets a day. Over the years that dwindled down to the occasional Sunday paper, and latterly not even that. I did read various papers online, but the screen format didn't work for me somehow. I'd graze a bit, but never read the whole paper.

For the last year I've been reading 'The Independent' on my journey into work, and find myself interested in politics once more. Moreover starting to think about how I can become involved. Not in party politics, but in social justice. How can I help my community?

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