Friday, April 20

Bones on Thames

Dr Bones is moored on the Thames, close to chez Nous at the moment. Yesterday, we popped over for supper. Bones, Boots, Steve and Wallace were just returning from a walk.

Wallace is a very 'can do' doggie. I was rather pleased to catch a pic of him mid canter.

Dr B. and Boots went off to guide the Rev Rattue, leaving me to be menaced by this swan.

I was very glad to see them returning through the gloom.

This morning I popped over for a cuppa (as you can see, Boots was helping).

The swan decided to make rude gestures with its foot.

Friday, April 13

Temptations...of a book kind

I was on may way out to dinner last night, when I spotted this book shop at the end of Walton St.

It was obviously run by kindred spirits....

...but it had to wait. How could I stand the Regent up?

Wednesday, April 11

What next?

I'm really not sure what to do with this blog. When I first started, it was a way of sharing photos with friends, and maybe try and have a little 'art' project. Of late, I've lost my photography mojo, and those snaps I do take, I share on Facebook.

In an ideal world, my mojo would come back. It all seemed to go wrong when I kept taking bad photos with my digital SLR. Something which was fun, has become something to be scared about.