Tuesday, May 22

Italy 2012 - Venice, the ghetto

Venice has been home to a Jewish community since medieval times.

The Republic made the community live in the area when there had been foundries, 'geti', from which the name ghetto is derived. With such a limited area to live in, the buildings had to go upwards as the population expanded.

Only eight Jewish residents of Venice emerged from the death camps.

The community has been slowly rebuilt.

Sunday, May 20

Italy 2012 - Venice, the fire station

In Venice, they don't have fire engines of course, they have fire boats.

This means that their fire stations are that bit more...


Italy 2012 - Salt cod

I love salt cod. It's so cheap in Italy (and Spain, and Portugal for that matter), this was a supermarket display. I must see if I can find a source at a reasonable price in the UK. Perhaps in a Jamaican store?

Italy 2012 - Venice, Florian

After we had fun in the fish market, like every tourist we headed to St Mark's Square.

See those two handsome men in the front left? They were with me.

We had a date with a Venice institution...


It's such a beautiful place...

...I really can't understand...

...why anyone would choose to sit outside, and listen to the dreadful band (which were Austrian soldiers in the first place!)...

...when you can sit inside, at the bar, and watch the waiters.

It's cheaper to sit at the bar too.

Christopher, who is an expert in these things...

...pronounced the coffee excellent.

Italy 2012 - Venice, Rialto Fish Market

There's been a fish market at the Rialto for a long time...

...almost a 1,000 years.

There is every single type of shellfish...

...and seafood you can imagine.

Especially if you have a good immagination.

So it's little wonder...

...that we couldn't make up our mind what to buy.