Sunday, July 29

Mick's 70th birthday party

Yesterday, was our friend Mick's 70th birthday party.

I'm blest, not only to have great parents, but great 2nd parents, in Mick...

...and Bren (on the left, with her sister Sheila.

What better than an afternoon tea?

[The handbag was made for me by my friend Julia]

As Mick said, quoting Henry James, "Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me these have always been the most beautiful words in the English language".

Mystery Plant

Does anyone know which plant this is?

My Ma gave it to me last year, and I lost the label long ago.

Maisie in the blueberries

This is Maisie our Senior cat.

She is a senior too, at about fifteen. You'd never think she was fifteen feet up a tree this morning!

Monday, July 23

Keeping up with the kids....

I've found a wonderful new work displacement activity. I've sent the last hour or so tinkering with the Facebook page I've created for the educational establishment I work for. The theory behind creating the page is that this is how 'young people' communicate and pick up information nowadays (i.e. now that they don't read email). That said we are probably about five social networking steps behind, so the whole approach is doomed to failure.

However, I'm rather pleased as I worked out how to embed some calendars. I managed this all on my own, albeit by mashing the instructions on a number of websites together. It's the kind of fiddly thing, that while it's not terribly difficult, has annoyed me in the past. Even if no-one else looks at them, I'm happy :-)

Sunday, July 22

Burgundy 2012

Earlier this month we had a lovely week in Burgundy.

It was three years since we'd last visited, and it was lovely. We went to some of our favourite places; some new places; had some nice meals; drank some good wine...

...and saw some old friends :-).

The thing was to spend time with AndrĂ© and Christopher in Moulins-Englibert.

I can't put it into words, but it's a very special place.