Thursday, November 29

Cath├ędrale Orthodoxe Saint-Nicolas de Nice

It's very surreal to come round the corner, and see the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice for the first time. It was finished in 1912, to cater for the religious needs of the Russian nobility who flocked to Nice.

It's very small, a perfect, little cake of a place, which beautiful icons inside...

...and what appears to be a samovar...

...of holy water.

Saturday, November 3

Cornwall 2012 - St Mellanus, Mullion

As you know, or may have gathered, I like a potter round at church. This is St Mellanus, which dates from the 13th Century.

I don't think there was a spare perch on top of the church tower.

When Dr Bones, Boots and I arrived the parish coffee morning was in full swing. Boots was very popular.

St Melaine (Latin: Malanius or Mellanus; Cornish: Melan; Welsh: Mellon) was a 6th century Bishop of Rennes in Brittany.

He is the patron saint of St Mellion and Mullion.

We found this statue of Our Lady of Walsingham...

....bit were blown away by the Elizabethan pews. They were boarded up during the Reformation iconoclasm, and restored to their former glory in Victorian times.

This slightly older pew end of Jonah and the whale is symbolic of Jesus 3 days between crucifixion and resurrection.

The phoenix is symbolic of the resurrection.

The west door has a dog flap. The shepherds would bring their dogs to church. The dogs would leave when the sermon started!

Boots wasn't terribly impressed.