Wednesday, August 7

Bewl Water

It was lovely to have to chance to go for a walk with my Pa around (a bit) of Bewl Water on Monday morning.

The reservoir was completed in 1975, and is a lovely spot, although created at a great cost to the people who were moved, and their farms flooded.

We used to go there for walks quite a lot when we were kids...

...and it was quite lovely to spend time there, with my Pa (and Desmond the hound) once more.

Tuesday, August 6

Battle Abbey

Despite being born and brought up about 20 miles away, I'd never visited Battle Abbey, and I dragged the folks there on Saturday.

The Benedictine abbey was built on the site of the Battle of Hastings. Following the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII, the abbey became a private house, and is now a school.

On a beautiful summer's day, it was incredible to think that such a savage battle had taken place on Senlac Hill...

...and England fell under the Norman yoke (OK, OK...I know it wasn't that simple).

Burford Church

One of the lovely things about having guests is that one has the the motivation to visit local places. On Friday, Jo and I went to Burford. I was really pleased to see that various trees have been cut back, so you now have a good view of the church spire from the main village car park.

I was amused to see this table of consanguinity on display.

The church was being made ready for a wedding, and the west door was open. I noticed this beautiful ironwork for the first time.

Ashmolean Stradivarius

Last week we had a visit from my old friend from MYMS, Jo Smith. Amongst other things we took in the wonderful Stradivarius exhibition at the Ashmolean. Who better than a fiddle teacher to conduct me round.

If you want to visit you have until 11th August. Make sure you shell out £3 for the audio guide, as you can then hear the instruments played.