Thursday, September 17

France August 2015 - Château-Chinon

It's a bit of a surprise to find a colourful Niki de Sante Phalle and Jean Tinguely fountain in a quiet country town.

However, Mitterand was the mayor here for 22 years.

It's great fun, and it very good condition.

France August 2015 - Autun Roman Theatre

We tool my folks to see the theatre in Autun.

It's in pretty good condition.

Some of our party were more interested...

...than others!

Monday, September 14

France August 2015 - Decize

We popped to Decize for lunch one day.

There was some carthorse show going on...

...braiding the tails and manes must have taken ages.

We also spotted this moorhen chick...

...and a cat on a lead.

France August 2015 - St-Père-sous-Vézelay

When we first started visiting Burgundy about 15 years ago this church was in a very poor state.

There's been a lot of restoration work in the last few years...

...but there's still a lot to do.

I'm glad it's happening... it's such a beautiful church.

Despite there being a car park, tourists park all over the place. I love that this householder has put cones out, but made them look pretty.

France 2015 - Vézelay

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit this lovely place twice this year.

The first time was with my parents.

I've posted lots of photos of the 'obvious' sites over the years, so here are some little things that caught my eye. A nice light fitting...

...a very well behaved spaniel (FYI in my experience any man wearing a beret in France is Belgian)...

....some amazing wax fruit...

....a nice old car...

...and a very funny tourist sign. 

Monday, September 7

France August 2015 - Bourbon-Lancy

I do like a medieval town. In this case Bourbon-Lancy.

It's a spa town...

...visited by Cardinal Richleieu amongst others...

...I don't think this is him.

I loved this creature...

...this fountain.

'In wine there is truth, in water there is health'. I prefer the words of my Tante Anna 'wine is for drinking, water is for washing in'.

This peaceful garden is where the priory was.

Medieval art...

 ...modern art...

...and photography.

I'd LOVE to know the story behind this - Wolf Street.

France August 2015 - Mont Beuvray

Mont Beuvray, the site of the Gaulish hill fort Bibracte, is one of my favourite places in the world.

It was great to share the place with my parents.

I thought this branch looked like a sea monster.

A Roman site is coming out of the ground too.

France August 2015 - Fontainebleau

Our trip kicked off with a night in this fancy hotel...

...the Black Eagle.

Instead of wallpaper, the walls were covered with this rather busy fabric.

We skipped the 18 Euro breakfast, and went to a place down the road (the menu has changed a bit).

We were very impressed with the bottle lift...

...and the post office.

The Boy headed of the golf course, while I headed off to the chateau.

It's absolutely beautiful, especially the horseshoe stairs.

It's home to all sorts of things that belonged to Napoleon, including his coat and hat...


...and all sorts of travel sets.

It was very sad to see his son's toys, including this little tea set.

The rooms themselves are lovely too, including this fabulous library.

This fetching little chap...

...invites you out into the gardens.

The carp pond...

...the English garden...

...and the formal French garden.

A lovely way to spend a morning.