Sunday, January 17

Canterbury January 2016 - Archbishop Bear

At £75 this chap was far too expensive to buy for Church of England clergy friends (although the lady in the shop said that his vestments are made from off-cuts of 'the real thing')...

...and if you had one you'd need a complete set of vestments for the whole liturgical cycle not just one set wouldn't you?

Canterbury January 2016 - The Cathedral

Saturday found us in Canterbury on a lovely, clear day. The Boy had never been to the cathedral, so we popped in to have a look. You can find lots and lots of amazing snaps online, so here are just a few things that caught my eye.

I've always loved this figure of Christ on the gatehouse to the cathedral precinct.

I'm not sure what these creatures are on one of the cathedral doorways, but I like them.

This candle burns on the spot where St Thomas a Becket's shrine was, until it was destroyed on the orders of Henry VIII., who also 'unsainted' him for good measure.

I was rather taken by the altar front...

...and restored painting.

Intrigued by this weekly service...

...and left wondering how many memorials record death by 'an assassin'?